Puerto Vallarta Carnival

Carnival celebrations, each one more beautiful than the last, are awaited by a large number of people all over the world. In Puerto Vallarta, it's a tradition that began almost 70 years ago, with its own particularity. Indeed, the city's first carnival was held in 1956, with the aim of using the funds raised for social causes. But it all started to gain in popularity in 1992, and the city has since benefited in many ways.

That's why, from February 22 to 24 2024, the city of Puerto Vallarta is organizing its umpteenth carnival to bring everyone together and share a moment of celebration. Whether you want to be a spectator or a participant, the carnival is open to you. It is divided into several activities and shows, all spread out along the carnival road.

Looking for a folk dance show and mariachis? Go to Parque Hidalgo. However, if that's not your thing, don't worry, you can head to Faro del Malecón for a musical group show, Molino de Agua for a more party atmosphere with DJ, or Ignacio L.Vallarta for a transformismo show with DJ. And much, much more!