Punta mita: WCM Mexico Senior Open

By Aline Zuber

In an exciting development for golf enthusiasts, Punta Mita proudly announces that it will be the host venue for the first WCM Senior Mexico Open sponsored by Mexican Golf Federation ( Federación Mexicana de Golf ), taking place from November 14 to 17, 2024. Organized by Jean Van de Velde and the Punta Mita Golf & Events team, this tournament promises to be a memorable gathering of golfing legends, with Lee Trevino serving as the ambassador for the event.

The involvement of FMG, the Mexican Golf Federation, underscores the event's national importance and commitment to fostering the growth of golf in Mexico. As a pivotal partner, FMG will play a crucial role in ensuring the seamless execution of the tournament, contributing to the overall success of the WCM Senior Mexico Open.

The WCM Senior Mexico Open is set to draw attention from golf aficionados around the world, thanks to the participation of renowned champions Ian Woosnam and Michael Campbell. These accomplished players, each with an illustrious career, will add a touch of prestige to the tournament and showcase their skills on the stunning Punta Mita golf course.

Moreover, the tournament offers a purse of 450,000 USD, providing a substantial incentive for the participating golfers. 

In a unique twist, the tournament will also feature 64 amateur golfers who will have the great opportunity to play alongside the seasoned professionals. This inclusion of amateur players adds an element of excitement, creating a bridge between aspiring golfers and grand personalities.

Lee Trevino, serving as the ambassador for the event, brings his wealth of experience and passion for the sport to Punta Mita. As a respected figure in the golfing world, Trevino's involvement adds an extra layer of prestige to the WCM Senior Mexico Open.

If you need more information, please contact events@puntamita.com The organizers are poised to provide details about tickets, schedule, and any other relevant information, ensuring that golf enthusiasts and spectators alike can make the most of this historic occasion.