Shamanic & Healing arrives to Punta Mita

Punta Mita's new proposal, "Shamanic & Healing", brings us an experience of well-being and reconnection based on ancient therapies from the Andean cultures of Latin America. An instance to meet the perfection of Mother Nature, years of ancestral knowledge and wisdom, quantum technology, and body care through bioenergy. A great opportunity to empower mind, body and spirit.

We start by creating a space to heal and release accumulated energies of the body and mind, and then, "lighter", we move forward on the path of reunion with who we really are. Ceremonies and workshops that help us to sustain this connection and focus on our usual environment, on a day-to-day basis.

For this new Punta Mita experience we have invited shamans, therapists, medicine women, and coaches from Germany, Australia, Argentina, and Spain. A highly prestigious team, which has carried out its studies in Europe, Asia, Oceania... but above all, which has been nurtured and perfected in a particular way in Mexico, Machu Picchu and Latin America, places of great ancestral tradition and which are rooted today as the cradle of a new spirituality.

This fusion of knowledge and content will allow us to work from complementary angles:

  • From the Body, oxygenating and cleaning physical patterns.
  • From the Mind, reprogramming personal and collective limiting beliefs.
  • From the Spirit, remembering who we really are. Our eternity and power.

In order to participate in this unique experience, which arrives in Punta Mita in June, no prior knowledge is needed. The only requirement is to have your heart and mind ready, and welcome the enjoyment and well-being of these therapies in a unique and moving environment.

You can choose to participate in one, several, or all the experiences you want, with proposals for individual therapy or group ceremonies.

The first edition of Shamanic & Healing Punta Mita promises to create a space for meeting, reconnection, healing, but also a celebration of nature and life.

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We'll be waiting for you!