Chacala: Pueblo pesquero

Located in the state of Nayarit, around two hours North of Puerto Vallarta, the fishing village of Chacala offers a calm and serene environment for visitors seeking natural landscapes and beaches away from the tourist hotspots. 

Indeed, this small fishing village has preserved its authentic charm despite the growth of tourism in the region. Its narrow cobbled streets, lined with colorful houses and palm trees, make for a pleasant and relaxed visit. 

But what makes this place particularly special are its beaches, among the finest on Mexico's Pacific coast. The main beach, called Playa Chacala, is a stretch of sand bordered by clear waters and protected by a peaceful bay. It's an ideal place to relax, admire the beautiful sunsets over the ocean or snorkel if you feel like it. A few steps away is the less-frequented but no less spectacular Chacalilla beach. Set between cliffs and covered in palm trees, this beach offers an even more intimate and wild setting for those seeking tranquility.

Although Chacala is best known for its heavenly beaches, the region also offers plenty of opportunities for adventure and exploration. Visitors can hike in the hills, explore hidden waterfalls and discover tropical flora and fauna. For water sports enthusiasts there's also kayaking, paddleboarding and sailing. And for those more interested in fishing, the waters of the region abound with many kinds of fish. A place rich in scenery and activities to please everyone.  

As for Chacala's cuisine, it's no less enjoyable than the rest. Local restaurants offer authentic Mexican cuisine, featuring fresh, local ingredients, including freshly caught seafood. There are many regional specialties, such as ceviches, fish tacos and many others not to be missed.

For all these reasons, don't miss the experience of visiting this beautiful place at least once.