An Online Auction for Punta de Mita Community Well-being

In a charitable gesture aiming to positively impact the Punta Mita community, local residents have generously offered rental properties for an online auction. This event not only promotes the availability of vacation properties in this picturesque coastal town but also serves a noble purpose: raising funds for essential community projects.

The auction, which commenced on April 11th and will run until May 1st, 2024, has garnered the attention and support of numerous individuals and organizations. Organized by the Dine Punta Mita Foundation, this initiative seeks to benefit the local community by supporting two vital projects: the "Campus de Mita" by Peace Punta de Mita and the Punta Mita Hospital Foundation.

The generosity of residents offering their rental properties is evident, showcasing a profound commitment to the well-being and development of the community. Each bid placed in this online auction not only presents an opportunity to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Punta Mita but also represents an act of solidarity directly contributing to projects of utmost importance.

The "Campus de Mita" by Peace Punta de Mita aims to provide quality education and comprehensive development opportunities for the region's youth. On the other hand, the Punta Mita Hospital Foundation focuses on enhancing access to quality healthcare services for all residents and visitors of Punta Mita and its surroundings.

The online auction ( not only offers a unique opportunity to access exclusive properties in a privileged location but also provides an effective means to contribute to the progress and well-being of the community. Each bid placed is a step forward in realizing projects that will have a lasting impact on the lives of those who call Punta Mita home, as well as those who visit.

At the Dine Punta Mita Foundation, we are convinced that this initiative will leave a positive and significant mark on the Punta Mita community. We invite everyone to participate in this noble cause, whether by bidding on a rental property or spreading the word about this initiative among friends, family, and colleagues. Together, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most.